January 16th, 2012

horatio style

It starts with a phone call...

Another bright sunny day in Santa Barbara, California. Jackie was holding down the fort at Psych HQ while Shawn and Gus were out on a case. And by holding down, she meant that she was usurping Shawn's chair to sit in, Shawn's desk to put her feet on, and Shawn's stash of Captain America comics to read.

She was almost at the part where Red Skull was revealing his plan (that was doomed to fail of course) when the phone rang. Without looking away from the brightly colored page, she picked it up to answer. "Psych detective agency. We knew you were going to call." Not really, but it was good for business to keep the prospective clients curious.

The call was curious enough, a senator wanted an artifact returned to him. Apparently it had been stolen and hidden by some kids. He'd looked everywhere but didn't know where they hid it. But since they were a psychic detective agency...maybe they could succeed where he could not. "Roger that, we'll have it on your desk before you can say 'wonder where that box went?'"

Shawn was out of town so Jackie was going to take the reins on this one. It's not long before she's working on shadowing one of the kids. And by shadowing, she means skateboarding by their house to see if they're home.