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snatched from clearlythatsme

Pick one of the 25 and I'll write up....something...Let me know if you want me to include your character or if you want to do it an rpg form. If there's not one on the list I'll be happy to oblige with something else and if you want the inclusion of your character or another of mine that you know of... please let me know. (took out a few that I didn't want from the original meme and added a few of my own)

1. Playful!Jackie
2. Murderous!Jackie
3. Flailing!Jackie
4. Incarcerated!Jackie
5. Deviant!Jackie
6. Ill!Jackie
7. Intoxicated!Jackie
8. Wildly Inappropriate!Jackie
9. Eloquent!Jackie
10. Cooking!Jackie
11. Over-protective!Jackie
12. Psychic!Jackie
13. Silly!Jackie
14. Romantic!Jackie
15. Long-winded!Jackie
16. Bedtime!Jackie
17. Jealous!Jackie
18. Inquisitive!Jackie
19. Confused!Jackie
20. Sad!Jackie
21. Angry!Jackie
22. Geeky!Jackie
23. Working!Jackie
24. Needs-a-Hug!Jackie
25. Choose-your-own!Jackie

List of all muses available is here if you want someone other than Jackie.


Jane wants to see #2.
[much facepalming] You HAD to pick that one...

...I'm assuming a little more than this: http://community.livejournal.com/sixwordstories/32665717.html

Yes? :3
Come on, MURDEROUS. You got in in you.
You are a bad BAD influence, Patrick Jane mun. :p

Give me a bit to think about it.

it's more from Jane's POV than I planned, hope you like though

"Jane, get back here! We're waiting for backup...JANE!" But he wasn't listening to Lisbon, letting them trail behind as he went around the back of the building. By the time backup came, it would be too late. He'd waited as long as he could before the first scream came from the house...

...Jackie's scream...

...in there with the man they had been hunting all week.

There were sounds of a struggle, a lamp crashing, something thrown through the window in the upstairs level as Jane leapt up the back stairs and got the door open. He ran up the stairs two at a time, a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach as he heard an almost rhythmic beating sound of someone getting hit repeatedly.

The last door flew open on the scene in front of him...

The serial killer was on the floor, blood splattered everywhere. Standing over him, her shirt half torn off, was Jackie. Beating him repeatedly with a fire poker. A wild look in her eyes that Jane had never seen before but he recognized what it was. Desperation.

She kept hitting him again and again almost too afraid to stop, her clothes splashed with blood and the man on the floor unmoving and mangled. Jane came in slowly, "Jackie?"

She didn't react till he spoke and she pulled back from her hitting spree, fear in her eyes as she raised the poker at Jane with a yell...not recognizing him through the combination of exhaustion and adrenaline running through her. "NO!"

Jane managed to sidestep as she actually took a swing at him blindly. "Jackie...it's ok. He's dead, you've killed him." Jane spoke calmer than he felt, trying to get through to her. Jackie stood there, poker in hand, staring...as if her brain had to slow down to work again.

She blinked at him as if seeing him for the first time. "...Jane...?" Looking in horror down at her hands clenched around the poker, she let it slide to the floor, staring at the blood on her hands. "I...I hit him..."

"You definitely did." Jane agreed, glancing at the very dead man on the floor as he moved a step closer. The tears finally came as Jackie sank to her knees, sobbing into her hands, unable to do anything else. It was over. The police could take it from there.
YOU ASKED! [pointing, your fault!]

....did you like it?

:) Jane seal of approval. Always nice.

Course now I gotta calm down a muse who's just killed someone.

(Jane wants to know what it's like, but I am telling him that is a very inappropriate question to ask)
??? What what's li-....ohhhh, that....JANE that is so inappropriate!

....I suppose he could ask if we RPed out the aftermath of the fic? :)
he IS pretty inappropriate. Tact is not his strong suit. I AM SO SORRY.

If you rp this, he is going to be sooo AUDACIOUS.
Tact, schmact, I say bring it on. [even if Jackie is currently looking up the word audacious]
#16 but with Five.....Bedtime!Five!

*sits back and waits for the cute*
"Doctor? Doctor, you aren't listening..."

"Of course I am, why do you think I'm not?"

"Because you haven't answered me till just now. You've been working on that device for 48 hours now. Shouldn't you get some sleep?"

"Oh no, no, don't need sleep. I've almost got it figured out..."

"You said that two hours ago."

"Did I? Don't think I did."

"You did. And four hours before that."


"Would you PLEASE stop interrupting me!? It is tedious enough rewiring this without your constant wittering on all the time..." The Doctor trailed off, seeing the surprised and hurt look on Nyssa's face...and realized. "...perhaps a short nap wouldn't hurt."

He dropped the tools he was working with and walked away into the Tardis, leaving an awkward pause hanging there.

Nyssa looked in on him once she figured out which room he crashed in. Sprawled out on the bed still in his clothes, dead asleep. She smiled a small smile of triumph and slowly closed the door to let him rest.
Meanwhile, she could go look at that device on her own...
That is cute!!

I really need to watch some Nyssa eps...I'm sure they're not too far away..
Incarcerated!Dalek w/ Lassie.


"You will release me!"

The Dalek said loudly over the interrogation table at Lassiter sitting calmly as he could, moving a toothpick around to the other side of his mouth. "You were found destroying public property. I don't have to let you go anywhere, mister. I don't care what convention thing you've come from. We'll lock you up in that suit if we have to."

"This is polycarbide armor."

"Whatever, I still want to know why you blew up an entire parking lot. And you're going to tell me."

"....you will be ex-ter-minated! Exterminate! Exterminate! Ex-ter-min-aaaate!!!"

Lassiter scowled, hitting his hands against the table as he stood up. "This is ridiculous. I'm done, lock him up," he directed, pointing from the mirror to the robot thing and stalked out of the room. That's the last favor he's doing for Guster, he couldn't even tell why he didn't want Shawn to interrogate this one. Whatever kid was inside that metal suit thing, they were definitely off their rocker.

Never mind that the officers he left in charge of locking the Dalek up were finding themselves ducking behind the door to avoid getting shot up as he proceeded to destroy the interrogation room.
Hmmm. Overprotective Rigsby, not necessarily over Jane (although if you manage to work that one out, it should be interesting).

And if you can round up Jealous!Don, no muse requirement on this end (i.e. it can be strictly canon, or with another muse... etc.), that might be fun, too.
"This is ridiculous," Rigsby muttered, shifting uncomfortably in the dark suit and straightening his tie. "Since when do psychics need body guards?"

Jane waved to the crowd gathered behind the fence, answering without looking at Rigsby. "Since this one's been getting death threats ever since we got the job of advising the governor...now quit squirming and look the part." He finally turned. "Stand straighter, keep looking around suspicously at the crowd...and wear your shades, man." Rigsby tried to oblige, slipping the sunglasses on as they walked towards the governor's house. "Can't see as well in these. What if someone takes a shot at us?"

"Well, we'll have to hope that doesn't happen." Jane said, smiling at a group of onlookers with pens and pads of paper nearby as they walked up the walkway. "At least you'll look intimidating."

"Fake....Booooo...." some of the fans weren't so adoring. It was one guy near the front, some punk teenager. Rigsby towered over him as he stepped between Jane and the heckler. "Got a problem?"

"Uh...no..." the teen quickly backed up into the crowd.

"See? Told you this would work." Jane said with a grin as they walked into the house.
Ok, so this is really...addictive :P

I'd love a Wildly Inappropriate!Harry Sullivan

:D :D :D
needs a hug Pike