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snatched from clearlythatsme

Pick one of the 25 and I'll write up....something...Let me know if you want me to include your character or if you want to do it an rpg form. If there's not one on the list I'll be happy to oblige with something else and if you want the inclusion of your character or another of mine that you know of... please let me know. (took out a few that I didn't want from the original meme and added a few of my own)

1. Playful!Jackie
2. Murderous!Jackie
3. Flailing!Jackie
4. Incarcerated!Jackie
5. Deviant!Jackie
6. Ill!Jackie
7. Intoxicated!Jackie
8. Wildly Inappropriate!Jackie
9. Eloquent!Jackie
10. Cooking!Jackie
11. Over-protective!Jackie
12. Psychic!Jackie
13. Silly!Jackie
14. Romantic!Jackie
15. Long-winded!Jackie
16. Bedtime!Jackie
17. Jealous!Jackie
18. Inquisitive!Jackie
19. Confused!Jackie
20. Sad!Jackie
21. Angry!Jackie
22. Geeky!Jackie
23. Working!Jackie
24. Needs-a-Hug!Jackie
25. Choose-your-own!Jackie

List of all muses available is here if you want someone other than Jackie.


Incarcerated!Dalek w/ Lassie.


"You will release me!"

The Dalek said loudly over the interrogation table at Lassiter sitting calmly as he could, moving a toothpick around to the other side of his mouth. "You were found destroying public property. I don't have to let you go anywhere, mister. I don't care what convention thing you've come from. We'll lock you up in that suit if we have to."

"This is polycarbide armor."

"Whatever, I still want to know why you blew up an entire parking lot. And you're going to tell me."

"....you will be ex-ter-minated! Exterminate! Exterminate! Ex-ter-min-aaaate!!!"

Lassiter scowled, hitting his hands against the table as he stood up. "This is ridiculous. I'm done, lock him up," he directed, pointing from the mirror to the robot thing and stalked out of the room. That's the last favor he's doing for Guster, he couldn't even tell why he didn't want Shawn to interrogate this one. Whatever kid was inside that metal suit thing, they were definitely off their rocker.

Never mind that the officers he left in charge of locking the Dalek up were finding themselves ducking behind the door to avoid getting shot up as he proceeded to destroy the interrogation room.