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[texting Shawn]

There's SNOW OUTSIDE. Where R U?



Where do you want him?

Re: ooc


Anywhere Jane would be with snow? Jackie is itching to play in the snow, she is an avid snowboarder after all.

Re: ooc

He's not a fan of cold weather (big baby) but he loves sitting by fires drinking hot liquids.

Re: ooc

Could be inside a ski lodge? Or even inside the CBI...snowballs can be thrown at windows, y'know. :)

Re: ooc

He'll be inside, then. Pick a building and he'll sit, waiting for a thump at the window
[bundled up against the cold, coming off the slopes towards the ski lodge, dusting of snow on her shoulders]
[Chilling inside, sipping hot chocolate by the fire]
[It's gonna be nice to get warm by the fire...Ooooo, looky, there's Jane's blonde curls outlined in the window by said fire...]
[Jackie can't resist, bending to put together a wicked looking snowball...]

[Startles, turns around]

So ive seen. Figuring how 2 freeze the SBPD corridors to skate there! :D
Your joking?
*replies, 43 minutes later*

Val Kilmer id it first. thats enough reasons to try.
[since there was a delay, she had time to WALK down to the SBPD from her place and is texting from outside]

The sno will melt b4 then.

[waits a beat and then hits the window nearest Lassiter's desk with a snowball, figuring that's where Shawn would most likely be]
*pauses midway texting some 1.01 rules involving Val Kilmer talk etiquette, a wide smile spreading on his lips as he recognises the sound of a snow war cry*

*he steals Buzz's official police wear hat from the officer's desk, sneaking out of the building and filling the hat with snow to prepar a mighty Spenstar original snow bomb!*

*he's looking around for you now, Jackie...*
[poor Buzz, walking around with a cold head and no hair to help the situation...but the mun digresses]

[Jackie has herself concealed fairly well inside of a bush, a small pile of snowballs at her feet and just happens to be wearing a white winter coat]

[peers through the leaves, watching and waiting...]