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horatio style

2011-2012 Threads Archive

Six Word Stories
Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi~
[breaking into sneaking into an aquarium]
What can I get for ya?
[working the coffee shop counter today]
Serving coffee to Beethoven
Keats writing poetry
Waitressing on Captain Martin Creiff
Stuck on Serenity with Wash playing dinosaurs
Taking a Transformer swimming
Shawn's heard it both ways
Joey ate her sandwich
Giving Sherlock a milkshake
Morrisey blues
Lincoln Six Echo is shopping
Springing milkshakes on Combeferre
Looking for a partner in crime
Collecting Watsons now?
Listening to Watson complain
Blogging on Dr. Watson's blog
Counting shoes with Spencer Reid
Talking with PRISM the AI computer
Phoenix after all this time
Watson found a foot in the fridge
Texting Jensen
Covert Droid
Howard Stark's fondue
Sherlock's prank
Watson's hideous sweaters, Is that really Sherlock?
Talking cat
Mistext from Watson
It's been awhile, Captain
Killing a bear?
Texting with Mycroft Holmes
Male Pepper Potts
Learning some french
Chaotic Neutral
Combeferre and Les Mis
Frisbee with BORIS
Dreaming Morpheus
Hazing the new Lassiter
Charles makes Jackie's arms go up
first Charles Xavier
Robot asking about smoking
Meeting Clark Kent
District 9 kid
Horatio should dye his hair
Meeting the Flash
Picking Shawn up off the floor
Playing in the snow with Loki
Meeting Loki in the library - surfing at the beach
Mad Hatter at the door
Grid Adventure with Tron
Meeting Tron

Dating Meme: Steve McGarrett
--meeting up with Steve afterwards
Dating Meme: Hannibal Smith and Face
Dating Meme: Megamind
Dating Meme: Dom
Meme up: Spencer Shay
Sleeping Meme: Crazy!Xavier
Switching Alignments: Crazy!Xavier
Film Noir Meme: Story with Loki
Text Game Meme: Tron
Text Game Meme: Dr. McCoy
Text Game Meme: Watson
Text Game Meme: Shawn Spencer
Closet Meme: stuck with Sam
Closet Meme: stuck with Daredevil
Auction Meme: Loki
Auction Meme: Loki p2
Love Potion #9: Sherlock
The Injured/Hurt Meme: Kon-El