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Jacqueline Ann Hayes-Spencer


Dicussing Saris, buzzcuts, and tweets
Dial_a_psychic is back!
New Shawn to play with
Jackie teases Shawn about his kissing and steals lollys
Need to tag Shawns while they exist
Talking to Shawn about the Hoff
Meeting Pheonix's kid
Smoothies for another Sherlock
Couch is moving...
Rescued while surfing and attacked by shark
Gus can't get a day off
Approves of hoverboard invention
Shawn beats Jackie's record for prank calling Lassiter
Dial_a_psychic goes down in Psych history
Texting Shawn about bail
Nathan crashes in front of Psych office
Undercover crossover into SPN
ooc: wishing Lassie!mun a good vacation
Epic lying-to-new-Lassiter thread
Icon for Shawn
Commenting on Shawn's short shorts plus annoying vid war
Fistbump with Shawn on Lassie being speechless
Shawn Spenstar has pizza bagels
Waving at another Shawn
In trouble with Detective Reese, smashed a parking meter
This isn't what it looks like...
Laundry and Dean's underwears
Dad may be in town?
Invisible movie muse - fantastic thread
Dead Manor ghost
Shawn's costume
Acquiring Elliot the dog
Super funny thread with deliciousflavor Shawn
Meeting deliciousflavor Shawn
Shawn...what'd we say about stalking?
[warming up, gripping two bats carefully]
[fast asleep, Remington sprawled on top]
[sighs, resting her head against bars]
We needs a Sam Winchester, badly.
Hav pinaple smoothies @ my apt.
Phoeeeenix? We doing this or what?
[lounging in chair in Psych! office]
[Psych! national pastime: prank calling Lassiter]
Shawnie~ Never guess who I met~
.....maybe Gus won't notice. [covering car]
Seem to have acquired a human...
*shows up at Psych office, hungry*
How to get a gun license...?
Whoever invented mornings needs shot. Repeatedly.
*Jackie laying on the floor, unconscious*
*woken up, bleary eyed* ...mmmff....hmm?
*eating red jello on purpose* Mmmmmmmm......
No way, Shawn. Not the lamp.
Argh! Post the Psych episode already!!
I'm here to get Shawn Spencer.
Hmmm....wonder where he's at now...
*unconscious Jackie lying on the floor*
Shawn...pinch me and die. *glare*
Superman? Gambit? What's next, Sonny Crockett???
*on the beach, watching the sunset*
....not feeling...well....*stumbles, collapses unconscious*
*petting a stray cat* hello there...
double shifts bite. time for chocolate.
where did that present come from?
orange and peppermint syrup don't mix
smoothie barista work day one = nervewracking
new apartments always smell like paint
Shoving Shawn out of bed
Shawn was missed
dear_mun: Regarding kissing icon...

[groans at tv] Stoopid psychic friend commercial....
Kitty Jackie gets barked at by Dug
[mewing, wandering through people's legs, lost]
[fast asleep, lying on Jane's sofa]
Younger Jackie sneaks into taping of Patrick Jane's tv show
Patrick Jane cons Jackie out of money
Hugs for favorite Jane!
New Patrick Jane, Jackie doesn't like tea
Jane making huge sandcastle, also House shows up
Reading people with Jane at the mall (Lightman and Rigsby come to visit)
Bugging Jane to teach her some of his tricks
Even Jane is a cat!
Everyone wants to be a cat
Another epic crossover milestone: Lie to Me's Dr. Cal Lightman (plus Jane's there too)
Sneaking a pizza into the CBI (Rigsby is born)
Two Janes? Double the crack

Captain Verse

First meeting The Captain
~ ~ ~ Sail the ship... ~ ~ ~ Chop the tree...
Captain Jack is ill
Singing in the 50's
Captain gives Jackie cat Ianto
*hunting under couch* Ianto...come out...
All tied up
Jackie strapped to a bomb
Passed out together with the Captain
Shot by cupid
A cute alien animal gets Jackie pregnant
Talking with another Jack Harkness about The Captain
Green paint, deception, and clones
Can 24 muse out-do Jack Harkness?
Meeting bb!Ianto and teaching him to fistbump
bb!Ianto needs some shades now
bb!Doctor doesn't want to nap
Captain verse ends, Jackie dies saving the world (or does she??)
[falls through to Torchwood, goo covered]

CSI Verse

Horatio? Can I borrow the Hummer?
*on cellphone* Ryan? You almost here?
Ryan Wolfe is hurt
Ryan Wolfe cont. next morning
*grinning* Horatio, how old ARE you?
*giggling* Possibly a younger Horatio Caine?
New Horatio style icon, aw yeah!
*at crime scene, opens Hummer door*
Police car ride, definitely a perk.
Working with Ryan
I miss H.......gun icon party!
Kitty Jackie with Ryan Wolfe
Mac Taylor sighting!
Talking DNA with Greg Sanders
Crime Scene with Mac Taylor
Crime Scene with Horatio Caine

Truly Psychic Verse

The fic that started it...
Jackie is shot!
Shawn and Jackie at the hospital
Really REALLY disconcerting...this ghostly business.
Mason can see ghostly Jackie
[vitals improving in hospital, still unconscious]
Dr House helps ghostly Jackie
Wilson gets a crack at healing Jackie (yay coma!)
Stalking party after Wilson's thread

Matrix Verse

Neo wonders about purpose
Meeting Neo
Neo and Jane thread, asking mun if they'd heard Matrix rifftrax yet
Blue or Red Pill (blocked)
Getting out of the Matrix fic
[curled up, sitting, back to wall]
Bit of deja vu
Neo ponders on his age, then Jackie gets her first downloaded lessons and driving a motorcycle in the construct
Confusing Ted for Neo
Meeting Bill, the other half of Bill and Ted
Neo wants to try a new program
Meeting the one and only Morpheus...and now Jackie has to pick her name
Merovingian sighting in dear_mun

Broken Verse

all brokenverse posts
Intro to Broken Verse
Broken Master wants people to buy him
Stolen Jack outside with his tardis, mistaken identity
Meeting another Jack(chained), still not The Captain, by the coffee maker
Ianto~....where are you? Come on...
So who is this Doctor anyway?
Waking up one of the Doctors, 10.5...who tries to stay incognito
Coming to NY Jack's barbeque where she gets offered a job
[walking around Tardis, tries the door]
Drunk Master (chained) is drunk
Ianto has a new pet....werewolf
Meeting the Repo Man
Mistaking Casanova for the Doctor
Starting Coffee place, trying to think of a name
Swirly Vortex of Coffee....of Doom!
Squishes a sleeping Ianto who is not in broken verse
meta: The Chained Master Unleashed
Still working on a Coffee house name
Coffee shop gets a name at the end of the day
Finding Wolf!Ianto (canary) right after chicken incident
Trying to save drunk/concussed Master (broken) from cars
Doctor enjoying one of Jackie's smoothies
Ianto (canary) stops by the shop the day after incident
Luke fights the retcon, Jackie keeps him in Emmy for the night
Liz has a ball of goo
Tortured Jack fixing a timeship
[shivers] Ok, NOW I hear them.
Attacked by a werewolf
Jackie is on team delta
Two Iantos, two Owens....sounds fun.
Yan as a dog trainer is funny
The Big Post aka Where it all Kicks off

Geek Verse

Gabe gets hypoed! Cold fic

Whovians are nice, Trekkies are scary...
Gabriel...any luck with finding Kirk?
*searching for Spock...or Kirk...anyone*
Died and gone to geek heaven...
Eww...that is NOT chicken soup...
*finds sickbay to report for duty*
World needs more star trek muses.
Can I keep it? Pretty please?
Ensign to sickbay! Man down, help!
Ok...totally lost. Bound to happen...
No genre is safe from tribbles.
I'd take Spock over Q anyday.
...is that a red alert??!! YES!
....I can't believe I did that...
Just might steal baby Spock...a-dor-able
Ok....how does "paper" disprove "Spock"?
That's strange...I feel taller... AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't seem to stop it...
*outside Enterprise, sitting, listening to Ipod*
*traveling with Amanda to a star*
*coming back to the Enterprise slowly*
Never. Doing. That. Again. Ever. Ever.
*under console, helping fix a panel*
*dead asleep on table, food uneaten*
*sneaking up on Chekov with Mira*
Spock! Captain! Bones has gone crazy...
Wonder what I'd be like Vulcan...
Guess who I get to babysit?!
I have questions about Vulcan anatomy...
*holding sleeping baby Spock, asleep herself*
*humming, feeding baby Spock from a bottle*
*helpless giggling* It's just too much!
Can't I go on a mission?
Playing matchmaker with Janice Rand and Hiraku Sulu
Spock and Yon-savas
*playing with rubberband in sickbay......BORED*
Godzilla! Bones!
Spock's choice of pet
Visiting Spock in sickbay
Threadjack in hurt Scotty thread to assist do_it_in_three
Vulcans, violence, and Halo
Talking with younger Saval
Saying hi to a Nightcrawler muse
Gab has pointy ears
Choppers, Hawkeye, and Radar
Nurse Chapel in sickbay
That was just....cruel and unusual.
Sulu's plants
Captain (dead) Kirk
Meta and nitpicky with Olsen
bahhh, Spock shouldn't die!
*crying quietly in a corner, upset*
Hug from the Doctor
Meeting young Sybok
Olsen walking through people
...when did Spock lose any arguments???
Pete from Warehouse 13 needing medical assistance
Dr McCoy is going to be sick
Firefly vs. Enterprise
Threadjacking Kirk's chair
Jackie's finally made the grade
Academy verse with Jim Kirk
*walking to class, humming to herself*
Captain Kirk passed out
Medical emergency! Seal off deck 9!
Kirk and his paperwork
No! Not the Disney voiceover guy!
Aw man...stuck with the Vulcan...
Kirk, Spock, Bones....who would win?
Mun geeking out over owning McCoy
He should be happy up there.
Icheb wants to know about Halloween
Q returns!
Kirk's oreo fortunes
Q been with humans too long
Seeing Amanda Q after so long
EMH hologram having troubles
Q is back....again
Banter with not-her-Q
Learning Holo-doctor can sing
Dr McCoy is now ambulance man

Kirk sneaking around enterprise
Older McCoy, wrong universe
Older Spock
Is there a poker game night?
Borg costumes
Meta with Olson
Messed up replicator with Scotty
Pavel is exhausted
Talking with tired Bones
Polina is hanging mistletoe
The Captain isn't himself
Jackie wouldn't be a good Vulcan...or Orion
*through communicator* Hello....*cough* anyone?.....please....
Meeting Ensign Cupcake
Spock and Uhura, sittin' in-a chair...
Kirk and Bones switched bodies
Rescuing Scotty
Is Spock creepy?
Medical emergency: Pavel Chekov
Kirk, Spock, Bones...who would win?
Trapped with Dr. McCoy
Away team to Enter-....! [surprised yelling]
Captain Kirk thinks he's sick
Trying to bandage a moving Bones
Be careful what you beam up.
Uno joke on Captain Kirk
Trying to get out of her physical
Dr. McCoy is infected and in love
Dr. McCoy won't use the transporter
Water rescue
Spock is a cat
....suddenly our Captain ain't so bad.
Feeling vs Emotion with young Saval
Laser tag on the Enterprise
Dr Saval has a baby and a wife now
Dr McCoy is drunk
Montgomery Scott needs more power
Sleepwalking psychiatrist
Drinking game


Arrival in the nexus
Dining room lunch break
Trying new escape method
Singing Dr. McCoy song
Bridge holodeck scenario
Action scene, falling off of things
Mirror event intro
Mirror verse, looking for a weapon
Playing in holodeck with young Spock
Ensign's Log entry
Meeting Icheb
Stuck in quarantine
Playing with hypospray
Meeting another young Q

This has to be Shawn's fault. (speed dating meme)
Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe Meme
Mistletoe Meme: Jackie's thread
Mistletoe Meme: Winning bet to kiss Dr. McCoy [Geek verse]
Mistletoe Meme: Avoiding Shawn's mistletoe trap
Stocking Stuffer Meme
Christmas Presents Meme
Six Impossible Things Meme
Six Impossible Things Meme: Bones fic requests
Doctor McCoy in bed
You Should Write Meme
I Ship It Meme

Heroes fans: this here...is adorable.
*asleep on couch, Heroes on tv*
ohhhh boy.....mun resumed watching Heroes.
Met Sylar...way too serious really.
Peter Petrelli circa s1
Hiding from Sylar AGAIN
Heroes Adam hates public transporation
Peter Petrelli in the rain
Concerned over Peter Petrelli
Meeting Patrick Jane, the epic crossovers begin
Spocklar vs. donut
What's in Noah's name, eh? (meta)
Momma Petrelli scarier than Sylar
Fixing watches with Gabriel Gray

Robin Hood
Wish I knew how to swordfight...
A Robin Hood story...let's see....
Robin Hood and jello aftermath

Wondering...should I get a dog?
[completely buried in a good book]
[so ready to hit the slopes]
Why can't men all be charming?
[sneaking around, hoping to avoid trouble]
Haven't done Captain verse in awhile...
I'm not sick...I'm not! [liar]
Wondering what I should do next...
The Incredible Hulk or Sherlock Holmes?
[dancing with a mop, music playing]
[returning this Sean person's phone call]
This needs to be a game!
[humming] ...I'll be there for youuuu.....
What is your favorite PMS remedy?
Shouldn't watch Dr. Who with cat...
So lovely...Deadpool though, brrrrrrrrr....scawy....
Finally found a copy of Hamlet.
Missing out on Shark Week...boooooo....
*watching Firefly for the first time*
Think telepaths talk with each other?
*in pain* Ugh...stupid, STUPID ovaries...
So confused...what is "it" anyway?
*eating cheeseburger and fries, starvingly hungry*
*sitting under tree* Just about perfect.
You're kidding?...there's a "bro code"??
Captain Hammer...more like Captain Obvious...
Tell mun: four muses are ENOUGH.
Savage Planet = When Space Bears Attack
I will NOT be sick....ugh....
*listening to Phantom of the Opera* Booyah
Valentines, shmalentines...Star Wars Marathon, huzzah!
Best. version. ever. I'm just sayin'...
Can one have too much sci-fi?
*still snickering* Meredith...that's too funny.

Zeerus worries about failure
Zeerus is much bigger than Jackie
Princess Leia needs allies
Summer doubles
Talking with Neo (not sure how yet)
Zinged the Master, booyah!
Fritz is vague
Electric bugaloo
Meeting a double
Singing at Murdock's mental ward
Trillian muse confusion
Meeting an Asgardian
Snowboarding with Iceman
Dog chasing her skateboard
Meeting Hannibal and Murdock from A-team
Hamlet in Klingon??
Recommending MST3K to Buffy
Jumper has a nosebleed
Donuts at Claire's shop
Helping an injured Lost member
Pretty kitty comes to visit
Surprise kiss from a very drunk Dean
Clony Stark wants to have an adventure
Trapped in a room with MacGruber, this cannot end well
Doctor Awesome is shirtless
Brief meeting with male version of the Little Mermaid on the beach
Helping someone who got mugged
Jackie really shouldn't talk to strange virus people
Trying to help someone about to turn into a wolf
Captain Jack Sparrow...impersonator? Jackie thinks it is.
Here's Johnny Bravo
Roy the empath dyed his boss's hair pink
Tackling Sydney with meta
Clony/Tony face
Never leave home without it
Asking about Ikea again
Treasure hunter
Laughing at Wade's mood icon
Gets into trouble by being in Dean's car without permission
New BFF and cow tipping
Talking to Mr January
Sherlock needs his Watson
Yay, new Zooey iconz
Macs vs PC
Agreeing to blind date
Chips or crisps?
Talking raven named Michael
Fritz shows every wish has a catch
ooc: icons for 8th doctor
Doppleganger fun with Trillian
Yay, Tom Servo!
Haaaaave you met Bruce??
Sees deaf/mute muse by a tree
meta: similarities between Doctor dancing and Flushed Away scene
Gives Loki earplugs
Movie recommendation to Dean
Saying hi to Stephanie
Catching Connor in a lie about dinosaurs
Clark Kent and pirates
Banished is such an ominous word, talking with blind muse
ooc: sharing dw icon
Short people unite
Charlie's band sounds good
Britt Reid muse actually exists
Stark/Banner is hilarious, Stark offers to buy Jackie a drink
Steven Hyde is fun to talk to
Fangirling Dr. Horrible IC
Commenting on Wade's meme
Superboy trying to pick up girls
Convergence jokes, Charlie Eppes
Talking with Theta about murder
Sylar!mun needs to see Dr. Horrible
Speaking geek with Howard Wolowitz
Describing lasanga to Chluthu
Wade Wilson should destroy Ikea
Sam Winchester is sooo not Sylar
Nothing wrong with New Zealand
Meeting Mirror Pavel Chekov
Kevin the giant bird and chocolate
Nightcrawler again
Hamlet sighting, meta discussion ensues
Loaded question for Arthur
Meeting best Sherlock Holmes muse ever
Geek speak with Sheldon
Discussing sleep with Castiel
Entertainment and not boring
Stranger at the door, from Jumper
Talking to a deaf-mute person
Talking to tattoo artist
Music from a coffin???
Helping injured Oliver Queen
Trying to help amnesiac Clark
Knew you were going to say that, predictable Oliver Queen
Sharing dreams with...death?
Elliot ate chocolate, sick as a dog now
Fangirling Mr. Darcy
Catching Alec's runaway dog
Meta with Jesse Kilmartin of Mutant X
Meeting Vaako
Talking with Harley Quinn
Getting Vaako unpoisoned coffee
Meeting Cosmo Brown
Greg Sanders wants a kiss
Talking police dog
Petting Duchess
Astro Quest Query
Naked Time Traveler
Knight Sir William
Hawkeye Pierce!!!
Meeting Don Quixote
Offering geek expertise
Dialogue with a magician, Alfred Borden
Another Ianto, they're multiplying!
Talking with one Ianto Jones
Shawn, it's funny cause it's true
Hawkeye needs a warm nurse
Rorschach and the Watchmen song
Firefly and criminals
Young and bratty Alan Shore
Meeting small alien prawn
Steak to Ryan's eye
Talk about Kusco
Jackie meets Jack Skellington
Emperor Kuzco's Groovy Music
Bugs Bunny!! Static Shock!! Fangirls!
Talking with Dr. Crane about books
Best Super Power according to Hyde
Meeting Green Arrow
Deaf person in cafe
Thackery is drunk
Thackery needs a costume
Robot hug
Jackie in a Friends episode
Castiel is creepy
More comic book costume help
Nicknames for a superhero
Wolf at the dumpster
There's a Castiel in Jackie's bed that wasn't there before....
Talking with King Caspian about Narnia
Making snow angel with Castiel
Jayne's hat (meta)
Meeting the Shadow
....inappropriate snake wants cuddles?
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