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horatio style

It starts with a phone call...

Another bright sunny day in Santa Barbara, California. Jackie was holding down the fort at Psych HQ while Shawn and Gus were out on a case. And by holding down, she meant that she was usurping Shawn's chair to sit in, Shawn's desk to put her feet on, and Shawn's stash of Captain America comics to read.

She was almost at the part where Red Skull was revealing his plan (that was doomed to fail of course) when the phone rang. Without looking away from the brightly colored page, she picked it up to answer. "Psych detective agency. We knew you were going to call." Not really, but it was good for business to keep the prospective clients curious.

The call was curious enough, a senator wanted an artifact returned to him. Apparently it had been stolen and hidden by some kids. He'd looked everywhere but didn't know where they hid it. But since they were a psychic detective agency...maybe they could succeed where he could not. "Roger that, we'll have it on your desk before you can say 'wonder where that box went?'"

Shawn was out of town so Jackie was going to take the reins on this one. It's not long before she's working on shadowing one of the kids. And by shadowing, she means skateboarding by their house to see if they're home.


If it's Jake's house, someone's already beaten her there, a big pretty bird with no life whatsoever. Jake's place just happens to be a lovely place for thermals and soaring~
Of course she sees the hawk up there. Gorgeous bird, even from this distance. But she's got a mission [dun dun DUN!] and she's got to scope out this kid's house.

Without getting into trouble. Jackie spins around a nearby lamppost on her skateboard, keeping an eye on the front to get a feel for it. Now where would someone hide a blue glowy box thing....
And the hawk is still above her, unnoticeable.
No one cares about birds, except for the ones he doesn't want to be noticed by.

((was waiting for Jake, but. :o))
[ooc: same but maybe we can go till he shows up :)]

Actually, there didn't seem to be anyone around the house. Or on the street. Jackie looks right, then left, before going up to the gate and carefully climbing over it.

Probably wasn't in the backyard but it was worth a shot. She skirts the house, trying to look like she's supposed to be there. Just in case.
Uncool, mysterious lady. Very uncool. Now he will be stalking you from above.
Unawares she's being observed, Jackie looks around a few garden tools, in the back shed, and even manages to get on her side to look under the porch. Nothing.
By the time she's made it to the porch, the birdie has been replaced by a raccoon. An angry looking one.

totally did not get this notif, sorry!

Jackie stops in her tracks, still on all fours, face to face with a racoon.

Oh boy.

"...hey there...Mr. Racoon..." Hoping she can just back out of this situation nicely. She really doesn't want rabies shots today.

oh, LJ.

'Barking' and growling, right in her face. That should get her moving.


Yipe! Jackie takes off running, not looking back as she vaults over the gate and lands in a heap on the sidewalk. "Ow." Well, now at least there was a gate and fence inbetween her and the raccoon. At the very least, even if this case doesn't pan out, she should warn that family about the dangerous raccoons living under their house.


Chasing her any further would look suspicious, so he goes back out the way he came in... checking around before starting to demorph and hope he doesn't lose her. If only it wasn't a school day for Jake and the others.
Oh no. Jackie wasn't going to give up that easily. She sneaks back through, armed with her skateboard as she walks up to the front door and rings the bell.

Hopefully there were adult types around she could warn about the raccoons. They might even invite her in.
No such luck. Jake's parents are at work. Even Tom still has to go to school.

wonder if jake mun is around...?

She rings a couple more times just to be sure. Rats.

Well, maybe she should wait for them to come home....on the porch...with a wild raccoon running around.

Nah. Better get on the other side of the gate, keeping an eye out for the raccoon in case it should come back.

Try a PM? (new Toby post up, while we wait?)

Back in the sky, watching her. What does she want?

Well hey there!

As it happens school let out about an hour ago and Jake is just getting back. Tom won't be around for a while. He has another Sharing meeting to go to.

He doesn't notice Tobias circling but as he comes around to the gate, he does notice there a stranger on the porch.

"Uh...Hey. Can I help you with something?"

Re: Well hey there!

< Jake. It's me, Tobias. Don't look up--she was trying to get into your house. Even crawled under the porch. >
[Jake's face hardens. Right. Could she be a controller?]

[Jackie turns at the voice, surprised but able to think quickly on her feet. She was a Spencer after all and Spencers were very, very good at lying under pressure.]

Dude, yes. Do you live here? I have to tell you, there is one scary looking raccoon living under your porch. At first I thought it was a cat and stuck so I went to look but... [she gives him a meaningful look] You or like your mom probably needs to call animal control. Believe me, rabies is no laughing matter.
< Also, yes, I was the raccoon. >
[He can't help the slight smile that tugs at the corner of his mouth when Tobias tells him that]

Yeah,I wouldn't worry about it. We get a lot of those around here. Usually just run off when someone shows up.

So are you selling something?
Really? [Now she's wondering what constitutes "a lot" of raccoons. One was bad enough. Maybe she has gone all city girl without realizing it.]

Who me? No...no, just a concerned citizen is all. [She retrieves her skateboard with a disarming smile back at him] Oh, I'm Jennifer Grayson. Hi, nice to meet you. [offering a handshake]

/doesn't mind being skipped

Still up here, still watching. At least Jake can talk to her.

Are you sure? I have no problem with going in an order

[He hesitates before taking her hand]I'm Jake.

Who were you looking for?
[Aha, this was one of the kids that might have taken the glowy...cube...thing. It sounded just as silly in her head but a case was a case.] Nice to meet you, Jake.

[She shrugs, setting her skateboard down and putting a foot on it.] Not really looking for anyone. Just passing by. It's a nice neighborhood here, really...home-y.
You're passing by inside the fence?
Er, well...the cat, I thought it was stuck...sorry if I was trespassing or whatever. Won't happen again. [Not where she'll get caught anyway.]